Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 10:29:26 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Planet Linux Australia available
Cc: "committee-LA" <>

Today Linux Australia is rolling out "Planet Linux Australia", which
attempts to group together the weblogs of Australians working in the FOSS

But it's not just about aggregating feeds, it's about recognising and
appreciating all the cool stuff people are doing around the country!

So if you blog, and you're part of the FOSS community in Australia, and
you blog about FOSS, then we want your feed added!  Just let us know where
we can find your RDF, RSS or Atom feed and we'll add you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Hey, how do I get my blog added/deleted from the Planet Linux Australia
A) Contact 'admin at linux dot org dot au' and wait :)

Q) Hey, I emailed you guys a whole hour ago and still my blog isn't getting
syndicated - what's going on?
A) Like everything else at Linux Australia, no-one is doing this for
shekels.  You'll have to wait until we get a round tuit - right now my
timezone is almost exactly out of phase with yours, so hang on!  If
nothing happens after a week, try again.

Q) Do you moderate or censor content?
A) No, but if you start posting anything illegal or anything that'll get
Linux Australia in trouble, your feed may be removed from Planet Linux
Australia at Linux Australia's discretion.  Linux Australia reserves that
right - and its decision is final and no correspondance will be entered
into. yada yada yada.  #include 

Q) I've been refreshing that page every 5 minutes and it's not changing -
why not?
A) The refresh code is triggered by a cron job - and right now it's set to
update every hour.

Q) The Planet Linux Australia web page sucks - I mean, it needs some TLC. 
Can I fix it?
A) Sure, we'll be making the templates available RSN.  We're just trying
to clean them up first ourselves :-)

Q) I want to start blogging, what do I need to do?
A) Go and google - common "free beer and speech" blog packages include
Blosxom, PyBlosxom and Pivot.  You'll need a web space and the ability to
install software there.  If you run into installation difficulties, feel
free to ask on the linux-aus mailing list :-)

Q) What is this planet software thing that Planet Linux Australia is using.
A) It's some cool and froody software which lives at and is maintained by Scott James Remnant  and Jeff Waugh .  But you
can only blame them for the planetplanet code, not for Planet Linux
Australia :)

Q) Is there an RSS feed of Planet Linux Australia.  I want to aggregate
the aggregator :-)
A) Sure, see the right-hand pane on - all the
aggregations we offer are there.

Q) Does this FAQ have a permanent home?
A) Some time in the future it'll live at

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 09:22:35 +0930 (CST)
Subject: Planet Linux Australia hackergotchis

Due to very little effort on my behalf[0], but as a result of several
requests, Planet Linux Australia ( now supports

So if:

1) you are an Australian or live in Australia, and
2) you hack on Linux/Free-Software/Open-Source-Software, and
3) you have an occasionally on-topic blog with an RSS/atom feed, and
4) you have a 70x74 pixel transparent PNG of yourself, and
5) you have an IRC nick,

then just send through all of that to and magic pixel
fairies will do their thing.

Share and Enjoy![2]

[0] Thanks again Jeff and Scott (
[1] See for planet aggregation gone wild
[2] New p.l.o.a. template coming soon!